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Adult Halloween Flower Pot Costume

My friends and I decided to be “lawn ornaments” for Halloween, and they gave me the task of turning myself into a flower pot costume. I called around to a few floral stores asking how big their biggest planter was. I found some larger ones at Bachman’s Floral, and decided to go “try them on.” I certainly got some funny looks from employees and customers alike while stepping inside the pot to make sure it would fit!

To create the costume I had to cut out the bottom of the large plastic planter, which was the hardest part. I used a pair of surgical scissors which cut through the material quite well, but definitely took some patience. I used duct tape to attach a pair of my dad’s old suspenders to the pot so I could wear it over my shoulders. I found a bunch of cheap, fake flowers at a craft store and also used duct take to attach the flowers to the inside of the pot. I wished that I had purchased a few more bunches of flowers, but I didn’t begin putting my costume together until about an hour before needing to wear it! To create the headband, I simply hot glued a large flower to a wide band. I wore a green t-shirt and brown tights, shorts and flats that I had found for cheap at Target.

My costume was a hit all night! People kept coming up to me and asking to take pictures with me. I spent about $50 in total, but it was definitely worth it!

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