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Adorable Rainbow Costume

Emma is 5-years-old and she is from Frostproof, FL. She wanted to be a Rainbow this year!

She found a costume idea on Pinterest (yes, she LOVES Pinterest!!). She noted that it wasn’t in a correct “Rainbow Order”, and she wanted “tutu” clouds, and it needed to have a Sun and Raindrops (hard to see in the outside pictures!). And she wanted it all because that’s how a Rainbow is made; when the sun shines through the rain! Be still my OCD heart!!

For the Rainbow Costume You Will Need:

  • Six very hard-to-find Pool Noodle Colors
  • 100 Zip-Ties
  • 50 Yards of tulle
  • Raindrop buttons
  • A homemade sun bag- Not sure why there is not a tutorial out there for one!!
  • And many hours of work & love!

She loves it, and it’s totally adorable. So it was definitely worth it. I create her costumes every year, but this has been my favorite so far!

Parents, Chris & Kelly Banks

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