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A Spooky Classic: DIY Herman and Lily Munster Costumes

The idea for our costumes was sparked by a patient of mine, given the obvious height difference between my husband and me. After some research, we got to work!

Herman’s Transformation

For Herman’s attire, we hit the thrift stores and scored a classic black t-shirt, suit jacket, and pants. To add a touch of Munster-esque wear and tear, we roughened up the clothes and applied some white chalk to give them an old and dusty appearance. We found the perfect monstrous footwear – boots with thick soles – at H&M.

To complete Herman’s monstrous transformation, we turned to Amazon for a Frankenstein head and neck bolts. We trimmed the hair on the Frankenstein cap to make it the right length and attached the bolts using spirit gum. Finally, we went to town with green and black makeup to capture Herman’s signature look.

Lily’s Monstrous Makeover

For my Lily Munster costume, I started with a sleeveless dress from H&M. I carefully cut and sewed the neck area into a square shape (with the help of a seamstress friend since I’m not sewing-savvy). To add a touch of elegance, I trimmed the neckline with black ribbon from Michael’s.

For Lily’s signature batwing sleeves, I purchased sheer white curtains from Goodwill. After cutting out the bat wing shapes, I hand-sewed them to the armholes of the dress. To accessorize, I added a necklace and wig, both purchased from Amazon.

Unveiling the Munsters

When we arrived at the party, our friends were initially puzzled by our costumes. However, once we stood together, the height difference gave it away, and they could clearly recognize us as the Munsters! Our DIY costumes were a hit, and we had a blast bringing these iconic characters to life.

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