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A Punny Brush with Death Costume

Every year, I challenge myself to come up with a new, and creative pun-based costume. These past few years, my costumes have gotten so popular at my school, and with my friends, that people always beg to know what crazy and humorous costume I’m going to do for next Halloween.

Last year’s Halloween, I was Life, giving out lemons. This year, I wanted to do the opposite and be Death. After much thought about it, I decided to be “A Brush with Death.” Then began work on making this costume idea become a reality. 

My dad made the toothbrush out of wood, paint, and the bristles of a broom. Everyone was awed when they saw the result. The toothbrush, upon completion, was a perfectly scaled, blood red, 6-foot tall toothbrush. 

For the Grim Reaper/Death part of the costume, I just went to a local Costume shop, and rented their “Grim Reaper Robe,” and bought a skull mask, and some skeleton arm gloves. 

With my costume nearly completed, I added just one more detail. I printed out a bunch of business cards that read: “You have just experienced a Brush with Death.”

Now I was completely ready, and headed off to school. The reaction was immediate. Everywhere I’d go, people would excitedly whisper and point in my direction.  I’d hand one of the business cards to people who looked perplexed, walk about 10 feet, and then hear them break out into heaps of laughter. 

I thought I’d have enough business cards, as I printed out 60, but halfway through the school day, I was down to five. I saved the last cards, for my remaining teachers, and one for myself as a keepsake. 

By the end of the day, when I’d walk around, there were still some people who would mumble, “I don’t get it.” But instantly, one of their friends, or even just a random passerby would exclaim “That’s a brush with Death,” and instantly, the previously befuddled person would break into great laughter. 

I got a lot great compliments for my costume too. My Period 3 teacher said that it was the most creative costume she had seen in her 13 years of teaching. However, I think my friend put it best, when he said that I made holding a toothbrush look menacing.

Overall, it was a costume that brightened a lot of people’s days, and I couldn’t be more glad to have decided to have it be my costume for Halloween this year.

A Punny Brush with Death Costume

A Punny Brush with Death Costume

A Punny Brush with Death Costume

A Punny Brush with Death Costume

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