I was looking for something adorable and toddler friendly (nothing too tight, uncomfortable, nothing she would take off like a hat). I am not crafty but was quite pleased with myself when the Oompa Loompa costume was complete. People loved it, lots of compliments.

Items from Kids’ Consignment Store: Brown Shirt, White Sweatpants

Already Owned: Brown Shoes, fabric glue, Cardboard and thread to make buttons, white and brown yarn for shoe pompoms (she took those off, guess it was just too tempting of a toy), brown marker for stripes on pants

Purchased: Green hair spray, Orange and white face makeup, white felt for collar

Tips: I wet her hair and left some soap in it to help it stand up before spraying with green hair spray. I used face crayons instead of regular paint in order to avoid too much of a mess.

Other ideas to customize:
Use with a group costume – all Willy Wonka characters  (since there was only three of us, my husband dressed as Willy Wonka, I dressed as a Wonka Bar with a golden ticket).