I made this costume out of  recycled materials .  I started off with thin styrofoam  sheets, and corrugated cardboard I got from  a carton of furniture I ordered online.  I heard of white trash before, but that’s when I got the idea to make a garbage can, and so it began. I glued the corrugated cardboard to the styrofoam sheets and made it in the shape of a trash can and taped it closed with duct tape. Then I cut a circle for the lid and cut a trip for the edge of the lid and glued the edge on, I made a handle for the  the top. I then spray painted everything silver . Then I took  white unused toilet paper, tissues, napkins, paper plates, styrofoam cups, plastic forks knives and spoons ,  anything white, and taped them all over me even in my white sneakers. I made suspenders out of white rope and attached it to the garbage can and  it rested in my shoulders  and covered it with crumpled  white paper towels so you couldn’t see it .  I wore  a white shirt and shorts.  If you want it to look like  that all your wearing is the garbage can, wear a tank top and short white shorts, which I wish I had done. I attached the lid to a white baseball cap and surrounded it with white trash, I  topped it off with toilet paper rolls I attached to old earring hooks, for elegant earrings. I added some  plastic roaches, a spider a rat  and some ants  and a white trash sign, to finish it off . my husband was the white trash collecter for the party.  Needless to say we won first prize  when I wanted to sit down I lifted the can and went inside for some privacy . I got a lot of laughs when I popped out.