The idea for this costume came to me after i visited the NYC Halloween Parade for the first time in 2013. I decided that i had to come back the next year but in costume. It immediately came to me, i knew i wanted to incorporate lights into the idea and also wanted to make it creepy but COOL. Decided to create this helmet with a 1 way mirror as the visor.

Gathering materials was easy, I had all the steps in mind already, just had to start working on it. I started by making the base out of hard foam display board, measured it out to fit my head but also have some space, didn’t want it to be too tight. secured all 4 sides with braces, nuts and bolts, covered the “box” in fabric then again in a satin sheet to give it some shine. Holes were cut in the board for ventilation which is key. I used a plexiglass sheet as the visor and covered it in a 1 way mirror film. Also holes were cut into the plexiglass to house the LEDs. The underside has a hole to fit around the neck and cushioning for comfort. As for the body we decided to go all black to contrast with the brightly lit LEDs and colors.

The hardest part of the build was making FOUR of them(lol).. along with the tedious parts like screwing in the nuts and making sure every part of it was covered in the black satin. As i mentioned i made 4 for myself and my 3 close friends, unfortunately the 4th member was unable to join so we were forced to go as 3. Overall it was a fun experience creating it, I think it’s an original idea, never seen anything like this so I will take pride walking in the NYC Halloween Parade tomorrow in full gear!!