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Coolest Homemade Jadis the White Witch of Narnia Costume 3

by Jenn
(Royersford PA USA)

Homemade Jadis the White Witch of Narnia Costume

Homemade Jadis the White Witch of Narnia Costume

I made the Homemade Jadis the White Witch of Narnia Costume with the movie in mind, as you can see. The blonde dreadlocks were found online, then it was embellished with the icicle crown; first I created a wired mesh, think chicken wire but smaller holes, then I hot glued the acrylic icicles into place then I sewed the wired frame to the wig and glued some of the hair in place to cover the mesh.

Then to keep this now very heavy thing on my head I sewed a strap that went behind my head to counter balance the heaviness in front, also, I stood nice and tall. Good posture is essential for the crown to stay on plus a regal appearance, she does think she‘s Queen after all!

The dress was sewn with no pattern (sometimes I like to walk on the wild side!). The fabric is tons of white felt, I dyed the bottom half of the skirt blue for the fading blue to white effect (it’s subtle but, actually is more dynamic than without it.) The wand is an old spring curtain rod with an acrylic icicle hot glued to it and iridescent white ribbon wrapped around it.

I wore platform high heels so I could tower over my guests and was wrapped in a borrowed white faux fur lap blanket. Finally add a fanatical and dominating regal ‘tude and you ARE the White Witch of Narnia- Jadis.

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About my make-up
by: Jenn

I forgot an important part of making this really work. I have auburn hair, and for me to really pull this off, I lightened my eyebrows and the my hair. For the less extreme out there, you can cover your eyebrows with heavy foundation. I used white shimmer make up on my shoulders, cheek bones, chin, on the brow bone where your brows taper off and forehead - the thinking where you would be kissed by the sun, she would by ice. And very important I bought that mascara that one side is a white "lengthener" and the other is the brown or black make up and only used the lengthening side.

by: Geaux Saints


by: Anonymous


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Coolest White Witch from Narnia Costume 2

by Cindee W.
(Middleburg, FL )

Homemade White Witch from Narnia Costume

Homemade White Witch from Narnia Costume

I made this costume for my 7 year old daughter. I made the dress from a bed sheet, blue spray paint and 1 yard of sheer fabric torn in strips and sewn on to the dress. The fur wrap was a stuffed polar bear my older daughter had for a few years. We gutted the poor fella and voila a robe fit for a queen (or witch).

Her head piece, as you can see by the Halloween photos, was plastic icicles that I hot glued to a dress up crown my daughter already had. I ordered Alpaca wool from eBay and I hot glued it to pipe cleaners for the dreads. I then wound the alpaca in with her real hair and entwined it in the icicles.

The make up kit was a drugstore ice vampire kit I got at Walgreen's. It was a little time consuming and took patience on the part of myself and my daughter but it was worth it in the end. She looked incredible. It also doesn't hurt if your child believes they actually become the character.

We had a blast – hope you enjoy these Halloween photos!

Total Spent: $20

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by: Marion

That is a fabulous costume - your daughter looks beautiful!

Beautiful Costume!
by: Jenni

You did a wonderful job on this costume!


That costume is fantastic. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

by: Anonymous


like like
by: Anonymous

love it

by: Shana

Her facial expression in this photo is what really does the trick, I think. That's great!

by: Anonymous

Looks perfect! I would love to recreate this!

by: Juanaki

Very creative. I am planning recreating for my 5 year old and may need the help. Email address provided above with suggestions. On a time crunch. Project due by 10/23/09. Please Please advise.

by: Anonymous

Where could one find the ice sickles?

by: Heather

I found the icicles at walmart. They have them in all sorts of colors. I got them in white and silver.

by: MidwestMama

Wowza! This costume is beyond beautiful!Good job Mom! It's fabulous!!!

by: malak

I love it. It's lovely mom, that's brilliant.

by: by:malak

i love it. YOUR mum is very good at making things Cindee. I love it!.WELL DONE!,AMAZING AND WONDERFUL. I wish I could be like your mum.

i need one
by: Anonymous

my daughter is the white witch for her play and she needs a costume within 3 weeks!

by: Anonymous

This costume is absolutely beautiful! Could you explain in more detail how you managed to do her hair? What kind of alpaca wool did you buy? Wonderful job!

by: Anonymous

This is great! I am 24 years old and I have a costume party to go to and though this would be a really creative take on a witch costume. So glad I could just Google it and find some ideas!

by: mila

Wow, this is amazing! I was looking for a Halloween costume. I don't want to buy one because they all look cheap and trashy (I'm in my 20's); I want to make one myself.

Your daughter's costume is so creative. I'm inspired. Thank you!

by: Anonymous

wat did you use on her face?????? class!!!!

by: Karen

This costume looks fantastic! I need to recreate something for me asap for a Christmas fancy dress party, wish I could do it as good as this but I know I won't be able to!

so cool!
by: Anonymous

so cool!!! cannot believe is homemade!!!

by: ewa kozlowska

Wow, that is fab. I an doing my costume now i hope it turns out as cool as yours!

good job`
by: Anonymous

i like turtles.

good job
by: germangirl

an extremely amazing costume especially for a kid!looking very professional!

by: Anonymous


by: Jason S

Someone, please let me know how to do this in more detail. My daughter really wants to be this! Thanks!!!

polar bear
by: Anonymous

Hey this is awesome! I really like the polar bear addition. Do you remember/know where I can get one like it? Polar Bear?
by: Kyle

Hey where did you buy the polar bear?

bath rope
by: Anonymous

My daughter loved it and wanted to be like her. We used my husbands old white (off white) bath rope for the cape/coat. She looked amazing and every one loved it! I used silver food coloring spray to create an icy feel to her hair. And white make-up gave her face an icy look.

White Witch
by: Anonymous

You are absolutely amazing!!! This costume is so creative and brilliant! Your daughter is one lucky girl to have a mommy like you!! Way to go!!!

Dress Pattern
by: Anonymous

Can you give me an idea of how you sewed the dress for the costume?

Dreadlock ideas
by: Anonymous

Could someone advise about the alpaca wool? I am not sure how much to buy, and how I would weave this into my daughters long hair. Halloween dance at school is this Friday. I got the icicles in the Christmas section at KMart today.

White witch from narnia
by: Jin thandi

About to make the same costume for my daughter who is 10. Its book week and she has chosen the white witch. Thanks for tips and ideas. I'm about to start. Keep u posted with final outfit

by: Sewhappy1234

We are putting on a stage performance of Narnia and was looking for white witch ideas! These were great!!! Where did you find the icicles? I am having a hard time finding large ones. May end up making them.


Hair Question
by: Joy Pratt

Hi there! I LOVE this costume and am glad I came across yours because it is awesome! I really want to try to recreate. For the hair, do you think it's possible to do it without weaving it into your own hair and putting it on some type of headband or piece? That seems like the hardes part to me and I won't have anyone to help me. AWESOME costume! Love it!

by: Anonymous

Hi! Halloween is next week!! I dint have a costume...and I'd like to try the one. How did u spray paint the bed sheet? And also, what dd your daughter wear under tundra the bed sheet? Then, do you have any ideas on how I could make the icicle crown myself? Finally, what shoes did your daughter wear? Please email me at!

by: Pat

I would like to know how much material you used, please.

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Coolest Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

by Lynette G.
(Downers Grove, IL)

Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

This is the Red Battle Dress that Queen Susan wears in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The red velvet outer skirt is split in the front and back to reveal the red satin underskirt. I made all of the chain maile from 6+ pounds of individual aluminum rings. I made the leather corset using my own pattern. I made the bow from PVC that I heated with a heat gun and then bent on a frame - the "ivory" ends are clay.

The arrows are painted dowel rods, and the feathers are with plastic fletching that I cut into the correct shape and painted. They have an accent of gold cording. The quiver is PVC that my husband heated and stretched to make a larger top, then carved with a Dremmel. The inside is also carved. The van brace is vinyl with a sheet of carved foam to simulate the carved ivory. The shoes are the only items that are not handmade.

This Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was a hit at Halloween.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Queen Susan Costume 8 from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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by: Mary

Love it all but I'm really interested in how you made the Quiver. You said your Husband heated it and stretched it. But what did he use to stretch it and did he also use a heat gun?

by: jessie

thats sooo cool

by: Anonymous

Really cool! Could you please explain a bit more how you did the chain mail? I have been wanting to make a Narnian costume but can't seem to find anything about chain mail.

by: Anonymous

Could you please email me the patterns for the dress and leather breastplate?

I Am Soo in Interested
by: AlyssaAnn

I love that costume. Susan is my favorite from the Chronicles of Narnia and those are my favorite movies. Also,I love how you included the bow and arrows,and quiver and not just the dress and costume itself. That is the best have ever seen!

Is it possible that I can buy the full costume? Or at least the bow and arrows with the quiver. How mush would it be for the full costume and just that group separately?

Thanks and Great work!

by: Kim

I would like to make one of these costumes for my daughter's band performance. Can I by any chance have a pattern for the dress? I cannot piece it together. Please!

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