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Coolest Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume 20

by Eric Stifano
(Boston, MA)

Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume

Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume

We decided to be Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and the best part was that we actually had parts that you could change and move around the whole night; we even had the pocket in the back for these extra parts and we changed our faces throughout the evening.

We thought about adding a bucket of fun but we felt that the costumes' back pockets were even funnier than doing a bucket of fun.

First, we made the body of the Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume. We then added a ring on the inside of the bottom to keep the shape of the body and used Velcro on the back opening for easy access and fastening. It was not very easy to drive with these on!.

The progression of our costumes can be seen in the various parts we cut out and mounted:
- multiple mouths: talking mouth, vampire teeth, bucked teeth, surprise mouth and the normal original smiling face
- multiple noses: original round nose, extra small nose, big nose as seen in "Toy Story".
- tear drops, nose ring, bandage, eye patch.

Everything had Velcro affixed to it, even the pupils, so we could track the different moods of our 'Potatoes' throughout the evening. We even made extra parts to show that Mr. Potato Head was getting sleepy and then, when he was angry. The mustache came in handy here because it also served as eyebrows. We would be happy to send you multiple pictures to show the different phases.

Last but not least, we drew on the black holes where the pieces for the original Potato Heads were affixed.

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by: Anonymous

These are awesome. My husband and I would like to go as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head this year to go along with our kids "Woody" and "Buzz"!! How did you make the body? What is the material? Did you have to sew it? I saw the where you inserted the ring.. that was genius. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

by: TwinsMama

I LOVE these! I have 4 year old boy/girl twins who would just be tickled if Mommy and Daddy completed their Toy Story entourage of Jessie and Woody. Please send more pictures and detailed instructions. I love the idea of multiple pieces to change!!

by: Flori

These are great!!! Can you please send me the progression pictures? What kind of ring did you use?


So creative!
by: Anonymous

Can you send me details on how you made the potato and the progression of faces? So awesome!

Love it!!
by: TwinsX2Momma

I love these costumes! You did an amazing job!! I have 4 kids who are being Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and a green Army guy. We would love to be Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. How can I get pictures of the progression? Also, what kind of fabric did you use (was it felt)? This is getting me really excited for Halloween!

Thanks for sharing...

by: Anonymous

I love your costumes you did a good job. I would like to see your other pictures.

by: John and Tonya

please tell us how you made these great costumes!

more pics/ tips?
by: Anonymous

How can I get more information about how you did this?
I LOVE your costumes and have looked at a bunch of other attempts at the Mr. & Mrs. !

Can I get progression pics and any measurements / tips you have?

THANKS so much!

Love it.
by: Anonymous

Great costumes. Could you send me more pictures of the process? Doesn't look too hard. MAMALANE1@MYWDO.COM

by: Anonymous

I would like to have the pictures of how you guys did these costumes if possible.

THank you

Great Inspiration!
by: T and Js Mom

I am a pediatric nurse, and our office is doing a Toy Story theme for Halloween this year. Using your pic as a guide, me and my trusty glue gun turned a fitted brown queen sheet, hula hoop, and felt into my favorite costume ever in about 2 1/2 hours. I can't wait to wear it...thanks for letting me be a copycat!

Great costume
by: Lisa

Did you sew the brown body? How did you get the ring, and what was used for the ring?

nooo way!
by: jenna

hahhaa i love it!!! and i love you guys!! i was just looking on this for ideas... and came across you guys!!!

by: Elizabeth

My husband is a pastor and we have a Trunk of Treats each year at our church. We have been trying to think of an idea for this year and I think this is it. Can you please add more details?

wow so cute
by: Anonymous

Can you add more details on the fabric and the glasses

Instructions and pictures please?!?
by: Caitlin

I love this! My boyfriend and I go to a couples Halloween party every year and we were having problems figuring out what to be this year! I decided Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head would be funny and might even win us top prize! If you could send me some progression pictures and material used I would greatly appreciate it! I'm so looking forward to making these costumes! Thanks!

Progression Pictures Please
by: Alicia

these are awesome!!!!
Could you please send me the progression pictures?
Me and my boyfriend would like to try and make these for Halloween this year!
please email the pictures if possible!

by: Anonymous

I would love more details on the materials and also more pictures!

by: Anonymous

I would love the instructions as well. thanks so much

Last minute
by: Anonymous

I love these costumes! Could you send me more pictures and any instructions? I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

please help las minute costume
by: Anonymous

your costumes are awesome
can you please tell me more details on how to make the costumes
my email is

by: Anonymous

Could you send instructions and progression pictures? These would be great with my son's Buzz costume!

Great costumes!!!!
by: Anonymous

Awesome!!! These are by far my favorite couples costumes I have ever seen! Could you please send some progression pics and some hints about how you made them? (material, etc.)

looking for metal ring
by: Alison

I am trying to make these costumes for my husband and I for our son's Toy Story Birthday Party. I am also curious what kind of ring you used to hold the shape. The largest macrame ring I can find is 19 inches... did you use a macrame ring or something else? Where did you find it? I would love some help! Thanks so much!

Help on these costumes
by: Esther

Hi Everyone!

I never even realized we got posted on here! Thanks for the compliments - these costumes were so fun. We bought tons of craft fabric and just kind of experimented.
I wish I could tell you the science behind making these but we measured them while trying them and then cut the holes for our arms.
I "ring" I believe was a wooden quilting ring that we walked past and thought it'd be perfect to sew into the bottom part. It was oval shaped and weighed the costume down and kept the shape and we velcroed down the back so we could easily take it on and off for going to the bathroom.
For the parts - get creative and start sketching in pencil and cut and see where it takes you!
Hope that helps!

more hommade details..
by: kate

great costume totally using it!!! can you send me pics?

Awesome costume!
by: proudmommy2

Awesome costume! I'm making one now! Could you send me pics?

Make this for my son & daughter-in-law?
by: Pat

My daughter-in-law saw this and asked if I could make the outfits for them for a party. Could you help me out a little with materials and techniques?
This is a fun idea. Can't wait to get started.

Making the costumes
by: Esther

Hi Everyone!
We used craft fabric. It's about 5 a yard at Joann's I think?
The rest is imagination and tracing :) Velcro and fabric glue!
We used quilting rings to keep the shape and weigh down the costume.
Good luck!

Pattern for Body?
by: Melissa

Hi! I went out and bought all of my materials today. I am now ready to make my own potato head costume. But wait! I have no idea how to cut out the body. Woud you be willing and able to send pictures or the patterns as soon as possible? Yes, I waited until the last minute and have tonight and tomorrow to make this thing for Saturday's party. Brilliant.


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Coolest Homemade Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume 14

by Teresa
(Walnut, California)

Homemade Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume

Homemade Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume

My son and I love Toy Story and Mr. Potato Head. So I decided to go all out and make this Homemade Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume. It is made with chicken wire, papier-mâché, and foam. His hat is an extra-large bowl painted black. The eyes were made with two clear ornament balls and black wire mesh behind them, so my son could see and breath out of the costume. The shoes are vinyl over very large clown shoes.

I started preparing this costume back in September so that the papier-mâché would dry properly. I created a shell shape and arm holes, to support the papier-mâché. I used my son’s Mr. Potato Head as the model, including taking it to the paint store to match the color. If I had to do another costume using this technique, I would use a stiffer type of wire, rather than chicken wire. The chicken wire bent and gave a little too easily.

My son could not believe how much it looked like Mr. Potato Head. He was very happy with his costume and likes to see and share the pictures of him in it. His friends ask him where did you stand? His answer is, “Inside of it silly!”

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Costume cost
by: Anonymous

Do you know how much this costume costs.

by: Krysten

W O W!!! Impressive! Great ideas, although I don't think I could put that much time into a costume to be worn for one night. I give you credit- great job, the best one shown!!

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Coolest Homemade Mister Potato Head Child Halloween Costume 19

by Kate
(Northvale, NJ)

Homemade Mister Potato Head Child Halloween Costume

Homemade Mister Potato Head Child Halloween Costume

We decided to make this Homemade Mister Potato Head Child Halloween Costume because our son loved the toy. It was actually very easy to do.

I followed the pattern of a bumblebee and made the body of the potato. I then included an extra flap in the back and had false pieces hanging out, just like the real toy. I used felt and foam for the rest of the body parts.

I dressed my son in flesh-colored tights (MPH doesn't have legs so I did not want them to stand out!). He also wore a white shirt and white gloves. He wore an oversized hat that I made out of a foam hat and extra foam. The hat covered his face but he had space to see and breathe. To top it off, I spray-painted his shoes with glossy paint.

The costume was a hit! We won a local contest and we were all so pleased.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Mister Potato Head Child Halloween Costume 19

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by: ann

I am trying to put together a MPH costume for my son as well and I am having a hard time with the ears. What did you use for the ears? Those are the best ones i have seen.

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