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Classy Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

I love making unique Halloween costumes for our annual costume bash. Hosting the party makes me want to be different and not have a costume that someone may show up in. It was a little challenging at first , trying to figure out what to use.  Mr and Mrs Potato Head were fun to make and got a lot of laughs. We even wore them trick or treating and had people stop to take pictures

I used:

2 twin size sheets

Stitch witchery

Hot glue gun

and basic foam sheets

Folded the sheet in half and made a large Aline dress cut it out and stitch witchery to seal up the sides. Cut out a neck and some arms. Used the foam sheets to make eyes, nose and mouth. Hot glue them on, or they will peel off. The bottom or hem I rolled up bubble wrap and folded sheet around it. To give the dress some extra width rather than have it hang straight down.

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