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Magical Flying Pony Costume

by Serena
(Godmanchester, Quebec)

Being the night before the big Halloween party and being costumeless wasn't really that worrisome.

So after updating my status to, "I Don't Have a Costume But- I have a Glue Gun!" I set to work.

I had purchased only two things. A pair of cheap children's halloween wings from the dollar store- and some long feathers. Purple and black.

Now what was I going to do with this? So first I tried the wings on. I suddenly wished I spent the 7$ to buy the bigger wings - but I skimped, being broke. No problem - I turned the wings upside down and glued the feathers on top to make it appear as if they were longer. I filled in the empty pockets with parts of a boa I had left over from my friends' bachelorette party.

I then attached the wings to a "shawl" to drape over my shoulders- so that the wings would "sit right". The shawl was actually the bottom of a baby doll dress. I now had the bra part of the baby doll to work with.

AHA. Bras fit on your head. TA DA. It became a hat by sewing the cups together. Not having used pink thread- I realized I could hide my sewing (and further decorate) by sewing on sequins. Once this was done, I realized that at the back of the "hat" where the bra came together it created a perfect little loop - for me to glue my feathers into - to give myself that show pony look.

Donning a blue wig (also left over from the bachelorette party) I realized that I needed pony ears. So I taped together toilies- folded with pink craft paper inside - and then safety pinned this to my bra hat.

The strap of the bra I left on the tie in a little bow around my head.

My "pony bum" was a random piece of white shiny material that I had laying around. I safety pinned a fluffy feather duster to my backside. Remembering that I had saved a sequined gold star off of a headband I upcycled- I then decided to safety pin this to my hip - like a my little pony.

The night of- I decided to dip my fingers in my mom's blue/grey/sparkly eye shadow and smearing it all over my face until it turned silver. I made a rainbow eyeshadow design around my eyes and drew extended eyelashes. I added stars and hearts and dots with eyeliner.

And for a final touch- just because I brought a string of ribbon with no idea what I would do with it- I wrapped it around my face to create the show-pony muzzle. I kind of felt like Lady Gaga or something.

It was probably the funniest costume I ever made- I ended up taking home the title "Funniest Costume" with a treat bag of candies. It just goes to show you what a little creativity and a glue gun can create.

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