A dear friend gave me his Mom’s 1950 era prom dress because he knew I loved such things. It was so darling and pink and I could just imagine her wearing this dream come true dress to her 1st Prom. I also noticed that it was the same size as my 10 year old! Darling Mom was pocket sized. I showed my daughter  the dress and she immediately wanted to wear it for Halloween. But of course not just as a prom queen, oh no, we had to jazz it up!

I did not want to cut this precious pearl up, so I simply folded her in half and then started basting a white dress shirt that I sacrificed and a pink cummerbund to the center front and back of the dress. By utilizing the button placket on the shirt, I was able to make the costume unbutton down the front. Next, I was lucky enough to find a white suit coat at a thrift store and then proceeded to cannibalize it and stitch it to the costume at the center back. To keep it up on her shoulders and around her neck, I made a pearl necklace that was attached at the center back and front of the collar and lined it up with the half bow tie. We kept the pants intact and simply rolled the pant leg up under her skirt.

Finishing touches included a boutonniere, corsage, a small crown worn to one side, and a vintage handbag  to be used to collect her candy haul. She loved every minute in her costume and it was one of the funnest and most anticipated costumes I’ve ever made. It was a joy to work with my daughter on this project. We were able to not only make a fun and clever costume, but we made lasting memories as well.

P.S.  The Pink dress survived, and I was able to restore it to it’s former glory.