Our son Paul who is 5, dressed as a minion. The costume was actually not too hard to make and I think I spent the majority of time going to thrift stores looking for overalls that would fit him. These were a sz 4t, a bit small but we made them work. To make the minion head we used an empty plastic barrel from pretzels. We cut an opening on the bottom so his head could fit through, then covered it with duct tape so it wouldn’t scrape him. Then we cut a circular hole in the middle for his face to see through. I bought 2 yellow t-shirts. One for him to wear the other to use to cover the barrel. I fit it over, so the head opening became the opening for his face. I tried to sew it inside out so you couldn’t see the seems, but I am not that good of a seem-tress. I ended up sewing it right on the barrel, it stayed well. My husband drilled holes in the top to put the pipe cleaners through. I used craft foam to make the “G” on the front of the overalls, had him wear black gloves and crocks and that was basically it. We painted his face yellow and getting the head on and off was very simple. The best part was Paul was comfortable whenever he wore the costume, no complaints. He got great reactions wherever he went and had such fun dressing up. His friends all wanted turns trying on the head, ( which was easy enough to do) He won the costume contest at his school. The prize was Monster-U bubble bath & shampoo. You would have thought the kid won $1000, he was so thrilled. We of course had to use the bubble bath that very night.