So my daughter wanted to be Corpse Bride for Halloween. I absolutely HATE store bought costumes and LOVE Corpse Bride so you can imagine my excitement to make this one! Now I am pretty crafty, I know how to sew but I am self taught so whenever I make stuff I kinda wing it and figure it out as I go.

This costume proved to be a little difficult for my skill level  so at first I bought an adult sized skirt with intentions of bleaching/dyeing/and altering it but it fell apart when I bleached it so I was forced to make the skirt part from scratch which I was totally not confident in doing haha, but it turned out GREAT! And the veil and crown is also completely made from scratch! The shirt which was just an adult sized plain grey stretch tank top that I DRAMATICALLY altered by sewing it down to size, cutting the shape, adding spray painted lace, and making and adding the ribs. Glove was store bought and I adjusted to better fit my daughter and hand painted the bones on.

I also spray painted the wig to my liking. These was also a legging with hand painted bones like the glove but I didn’t get a good picture of it. It was SO fun to make  and I was so proud that I pulled it off! She loved it so much and she got so many compliments at her school Halloween function!