This Headless Vampire was my first attempt at creating an illusion costume. After getting so many amazing ideas from this site, I had to put them to the test. This costume was made with a rolling back pack, spray foam and a lot of work.

I used my daughter’s old backpack, made a foam block out of spray foam that I let cure in a box lined with wax paper with the backpack handle inserted inside and held upside down so that the foam cured around the handle. I made arms out of nylons, made arms out of nylons and stuffing, bought old long gloves that went to the elbow got one of my old vampire dresses and cut a hole in the center, for her body to go through.

I bought an old skirt hoop so that it puffed out the dress so that you wouldn’t be able to see my daughter’s shape through the fabric. I have old doll heads for hair cutting and chopped off the head and used the neck to insert into the top of the foam block. To give this a realistic look, I bought fake blood, a scar kit from a Halloween store and got a wooded dowel to insert into the neck piece then pushed the dowel piece through the foam in the torso to give it the chopped off neck look.

Got an aluminum serving platter, placed it around her neck, and had my little headless vampire. Lots of attention and pictures and candy. The best of the night. Checkout my Granny Wolf / Little Red Riding hood Illusion Costume on this site.