I found the idea for this costume on-line and adapted to my small size.  I already had the mask from a previous year. I took a child’s backpack and put solid foam shaped in a “T” in it for the shoulders.  For the neck Itried to use an actual chicken neck, but it was proportionately too small.  So I ended up using a turkey neck.  I boiled it, and carefully removed any meat particles.  I painted it partially red for blood and attached it to the foam.  I borrowed my husband’s trench coat and stuffed the arms with newspaper.  To keep the arms bent I used metal garden stakes that ran from elbow to elbow, and attached them to white gloves stuffed with fiberfil.

I put on jeans and slipped my shoes into my husband’s work boots.  So it looked as if I was of average size.  Because of my short height, no one could tell where my actual head was nor that I was female.  I didn’t talk and my arms were down at my side the whole night.  It took a few days to make, but was well worth the $1000. I won at our local bar. The faces on other drivers while going to and from the bar was hillarious, too.

I just made this in fun and never expected the reaction.  But everyone went crazy over this costume.  I had many photo taking stops and it ended up being a really fun evening. People were backing away and others were stopping to check me out. I was overwhelmed by the attention and am already planning for next year.