This last minute group costume was quite easy to put together. Although I already had everything in my costume drawer (yes I’m an adult and I have a costume drawer).

For Ed McMahon I borrowed some pants and a shirt from my dad. I bought the jacket at a resale shop. I bought a wig liner and put some old gray hair on it.

For the Winner- Just bought a cheap nightgown from the dollar store, borrowed a robe, bought some hair rollers and wear some slippers.

For the News Reporter- Got the jacket and white pants at a resale shop. Borrowed the old camera from a woman at work- Ask some older people, I’m sure they have them hidden in their closets-ha.

The check was easy- Get a poster board and paint or write in a sharpie the check info.

We also bought some balloons to add to the winning effect. Much better than the same same ol costumes.