Moms will do anything to see the smile on their kids face that I saw when I showed my kids their Halloween costumes. This year I asked my son what he wanted to be and he said Garbage truck.  So I immediately opened my computer and searching for something to buy. With no luck I stumbled on some moms who had tried to make garbage trucks themselves and decided to take on the task.  Almost 20 hours later here it is and my husband and I decided to get in on the family fun.

It started with the trip to walmart to walk the aisles to look for boxes that seemed the shapes I was looking for.   After experimenting with boxes,emptying the ones I decided on, I then had to take them apart and put them back together with the cardboard facing out so it was easier to paint. Once everything was hot glued together I then got ready to paint.  After about 3 coats of paint and lots of touch up it was then time for all the fun details. Creating the wheels, the exhaust pipe, the horn, the working headlights, the logos, the personalized license plates, the windows, the reflective tape, the beanies, the vests.  All this is so much easier to type out than it was to complete.  Nothing seemed to work on the first time around I felt like I would do things the way I thought it should look and then would change my mind. So a lot of my time was placed trying to figure out the best way to make this look exactly like the truck that comes to our house.

Seeing the smiles on my boys faces made all the late nights and early mornings to make these all worth it.