This year I decided to be a Minion. My inspiration was Dave Minion. I love the cute, silly, funny guys, and their warm kindheartedness. Emulating them was a joy for me as well as the trick or treaters that came on by. Making this was a challenge. It took me some time to find the right materials to create the right shape for the head and body. I decided Paper mache could be used to make the rounded head portion. But I had some issues getting to that, as it was tricky to find a balloon large enough. A friend even suggested using a magnumcondom. LOL  Though in the end I found and used a giant balloon. Though the woman at the party store thought I was crazy when I just wanted to purchase it free of helium and uninflated. Explaining my intended usage didn’t seem to improve her first impression.  Using this some white glue with water mixture to make the paper mache glue,  I created this head over several days, layer after layer. As drying time could be as much as two days in between. While waiting I used a plastic Christmas ornament that split in two halves to create eyes. I painted the inside white and used permanent marker to create the brown iris and black pupil then covered the outside with a sparkly silver foam sheet to create the glasses.  Next I needed to figure out how to make a body with the right rounded shape. I used a foam bed pad and cut it to fit. To create the body I covered it in yellow felt and fashioned the overalls in blue felt. I found the hardest part was covering the head with yellow felt as the rounded angles made it tricky. Eventually I covered it in such a way that I was happy with (after much hair pulling, cursing and then eventually a victory dance, woot!) Finishing touches included pipe cleaner hair, white felt teeth and black mesh fabric to see through the mouth, and copious ammounts of velcro. Last I went out to find black gloves and a yellow shirt. The gloves were easy but, I walked the whole mall serching for a yellow shirt. I figured Target would carry one, nope. I went through Pac sun, Wet Seal, Rue 21 (trendy teen/yung adult store), Sears, Macys, Ross and eventually Khols. Ironically The only yellow I saw in the store was in the little boys section with a minion printed on the front. Undaunted I searched the rack and found an Boys XL that did the trick. HAHA

The best part was the delighted reactions on the faces of the trick or treaters. and the Joyful exclamations of “look at that minion” or “Minion!” After the tick or treating died down, I packed it up and headed downtown where the police block off the streets and people get together and walk up and down looking and sharing the wonderful costumes. Throughout the night I high fived some kids and took many photos with both kids and adult minion fans alike. All in all it was a great night! I even found a few other minions to hang with.