As both avid fans of the Simpsons we thought it would be fitting to be Marge and Homer for Halloween! We came across store bought costumes but we wanted to make them personal and creative! The hardest and funniest part for Homer was shaving all  his head hair and facial hair in order to get the full affect. Patt usually has a full head of hair as well as a beard so it was hilarious to see him hairless.

We covered our bodies in yellow body paint and Homer used brown around his mouth. Pipe cleaners were taped to his head for his straggly hair and a pillow in his shirt to make him nice and pudgy! As Marge I glue gunned a one liter water bottle to a dark blue plastic head band and then hair strayed my hair around the bottle with blue colored spray. I had difficulties finding a green tube dressed so I created my own by sewing a green pillow case according to my measurements.

It was a big hit at our university and it came out just as we imagined!