I  got the idea for this Dead Bride Carrying a Dead Groom in a Box Optical Illusion Costume from a Youtube video I had seen it on line. It was of a  guy carrying a guy in a box  so I decided to take it a step further and funnier and be more creative with a dead bride and groom. It took me a few weeks to figure out how to put it together was not very easy at first but I finely figured out how to make it and what I needed the wedding dress is an actual wedding dress and the suit I’m wearing is also a real dinner jacket and slacks  and also the shoes. All this I bought at the Good will store, the only thing Halloween bought is  the mask on the bride and wig and the makeup I am wearing

What I used:

1. cardbord box

2. duck tape

3. lots of news papers

4. wire hangers

5. saftey pins

6  pins

7.  five curtain rods

8.  velcro strips

9.cable ties

10.  curtain rods

11.  scissors

12. shoe box

13. mask / wig / two fake hands / wig

13. wedding dress / vail / white heals / mask /white pants

14. tuxedo or dinner jacket / black slacks / black dress shoes / hat /  halloween makup for face


First I made a hole at the bottom of the box in the back end  just enough for my waste to fit  where my legs will be sticking out  witch will look like the bride is carrying me but It;s really me walking but made it look like i was really in a box and was really being carried.

For the bride’s upper body I had to use three long curtain rods and put them at the back end of the box where I made the hole  where my waste would be I then cable tied the 3 curtain rods to the cardboard box.

I then got  a small shoe box duck taped that to the curtain rods this is where the bride’s upper body will be then got the wedding dress had to cut the bottom end of the dress so that the top of the dress would fit through the curtain rods and the shoe box so once I got the wedding dress was on there I got some wire hangers for her arms ducked taped that to the curtain rods  and the shoe box.

The wedding dress I had to cut  it down the middle of the bottom half so that I can put  the upper part of the dress through  the shoe box and curtain rods and wire hangers and also would be easier for me to get in and out of  the dress but put Velcro so would be able to make it look like I didn’t have to cut  I also was wearing white pants and white heels.

It then looked like it had a body with arms. I then got some news paper stuffed the arms and filled out the body where the shoe box was I got some fake costume hands that  I bought at the store I got the hands and also cable tied them to the card board box.

I then got a styro foam head  witch was the bride’s head a and stuck that trough one of the curtain rods  after all that was done I put Halloween mask on the bride along with  a wig I used pins for this part that way the wig wont fall off an last but not least put the vale on also used pins for the vale also after all that I zipped up the back of the dress and was done with that part of the costume.

For the groom part I had got some dress shoes got two curtain rods  made a hole in the back of the shoes and cable tied the curtain rods to the back of the shoes then got some news papers put it around the curtain rods duck taped all that.