Everything in this picture is UNDOCTORED….and the experience was AWESOME.

I created my Hogan costume by ordering a pair of heavyweight, professional wrestling yellow tight…then tie-dying the red into them by hand (Trust me, it sucked).  I hand painted the weight belt yellow, then stenciled on the lettering.  The hair is fake, and the ‘stache is fake….but of course, the pic is the best part….

It was the Annual Guavaween Parade in Tampa, 2002.  I was walking through the crowd, stopping every 10 feet or so to take pictures with random folks, when a local news reporter grabbed me by the shirt and threw a press pass around my neck.  She told me that Hogan, Bubba the Love Sponge, Linda Hogan, Brooke, and Nick were backstage behind the band area drinking and hanging out, and she HAD to introduce me to them.  (Remember, this was 10 years ago…so the kida were young and not drinking, but Hogan was throwing back a few Miller Lights).  I went back stage, had a few beers with the fam, took a few pics, and then he signed my tights and toasted farewell…..  ENJOY THE PIC!