The Homemade Piranha Plant from Mario Bros Costume is a great costume for anyone! It’s an unexpected yet beloved Mario Bros character that’s guaranteed to be the hit of any Halloween the party.

The piranha plant head was constructed from old FedEx envelopes, 1/8 of an inch thick foam and duct tape. The piranha plant’s skeleton was then draped in red felt and secured with tried and true hot glue. After applying the red felt, the white dots were added using felt and hot glue. The teeth and lips were individually stitched via sewing machine using white felt and thread. The teeth and lips were then stuffed with cheapo cotton balls and poly stuffing. The tube was made up of foam and covered with felt. I hand stitched boning at the bottom hem of the tube to add structure.

The leaf necklace, wrist and ankle cuffs were made out of, you guessed it, felt. The necklace was strung with green ribbon and tied in the back while the cuffs were fastened with Velcro. The green shirt and green leggings were purchased at Target.