Every Halloween I try to outdo myself in making a costume that is a huge pain in the butt to wear. Ha! I usually have an idea picked out months in advance and start construction by September at the latest, but this year nothing was speaking to me and I was starting to get panicked. The stakes were high after last year’s Barbara and Adam Maitland and friends were starting to doubt my dedication of wasting all my time and money for Halloween. My Tim Burton movies offered NOTHING.

A good game of Mario Kart usually calms the nerves, and, luckily, was inspiration for this year’s fantastic Mario Bros Piranha Plant Halloween costume!

The head is 5 layers of paper mache wrapped around the form of an exercise ball and then covered with a layer of plaster of Paris. The worst part of making the head is the sanding of the plaster. No matter how smooth you feel you laid the plaster, it will sprout all types of peaks and valleys while you sleep that will destroy your sanity and hand as you sand for hours.

FINALLY. The joy returns with the spray painting of the head and it finally starts to look like a legit costume. The white dots were added using a circular stencil. The mouth is a scarified pair of pantyhose (RIP LEGGS) and the teeth are heavy card stock. The lips are copper insulation foam tubes bent to the shape of the pre-cut mouth and covered in white felt. The neck was softened with the remaining insulation foam covered in green felt and jammed into place. I made some felt leaves to smooth the transition to the body. The hands are felt shaped into leaves with elastic sewn onto either side to keep them in place.

The tube is a high density foam pad cut into three pieces and glued together to form a ring and covered in green felt. (All thanks to 3M Super 77!) The body of the tube is green felt sewn into a, well, tube and connected to the pipe lip with more Super 77 glue. I put pockets in the tube to hold all my fireballs and candy for trick or treaters. :) The fireballs were cheap balls covered in fire colors of tissue paper.

I am STILL scraping the spray glue from my hands and my house. Till we meet again, 77!