I saw a store bought costume called “One Night Stand” while I was out looking for parts to my costume for the character ‘Alex’ from Clockwork Orange. I thought it was really clever, but I didn’t pick it up at the time thinking I would just do the Clockwork Orange costume. I later found out that I had another party to go to and wanting a second costume I went back to pick one up.

So… they were sold out when I went back, but not to be defeated that easily and being fairly handy, I decided that I would give making my own a try this year for a One Night Stand costume.

I started with a cardboard box from work and a dream… ha ha ha – I went to a craft store and picked up some colored paper and spray adhesive, I got a lampshade and an old clock from a thrift store. I glued a couple of condom wrappers and a box of Kleenex along with “Tiffany’s” phone number on a post-it note.

The finishing touches for the costume when wearing it out will be to have my best friend’s girlfriend put lipstick marks on my collar and plant one on my cheek and I will be all set! :)

I spent around 5 hours and $40 making this costume and I am really happy with how it turned out and way better than the store bought one any day!