Started making this Mortal Kombat Scorpion DIY Halloween costume idea in August of 2010.

Saber-sawed a paintball mask and painted it with the exact design of, in my opinion, Scorpion’s coolest mask, got the shoulders from my friends football uniform, got a pair of fire yellow (non-prescription) contacts, which really brought the costume to life, wore my regular shoes, got soccer shin-guards and painted them with Scorpion’s shin armor design and got forearm guards and painted them, cut up a hefty jacket for the tabard and cut up about 6 leather belts to get the shiny metal pyramids, balaclava, hot topic gloves with spikes on them, and just some other normal stuff like a normal long sleeve black shirt, and the knee-pads are just knee pads with the plastic ripped off and cut in half foam skulls, then a tight waist-trimming belt with a skull cut out of a tombstone for the belt buckle.