I made this Marge Simpson costume for my son. We were trying to decide which Simpson character to make, when we both decided it would be funnier if he was Marge, since he’s a boy.

I started with a couple of sheets of colored material; green for the dress, which was simple enough to make, and yellow for the skin color. I made a top for her (Marge’s) shoulders. I put some aside for her face and for the head I used a sturdy paper bag. I lined it a couple of times to keep it stiff and to stand straight. I shaped it to fit a baseball cap and I used a glue gun and glue sticks to glue blue material onto the bag for the “hair” and I used foam pieces that I shaped into Marge’s eyes and glued white and some yellow material on.

Onto the baseball cap I glued yellow material and then I glued the “eyes” on that. Next was to stitch the “hair onto the baseball cap. For the necklace I used  foam strip, sewed red material on it and tied thread at 1 1/2 inch spaces apart to make the “beads” and we have Marge Simpson.

He got a lot of compliments on his costume and an honorable mention at a Halloween contest. It took me about two days to make this costume and it was well worth the effort.