My son loves video games, and last year he was dying to be Link from Legend of Zelda. At first, I was stumped, but I soon was able to come up with a great costume that was made from bought items, which were cut strategically.

I started out with the top – I found a light green turtle neck, which I used for the base shirt of his costume. Over this, he needed a much looser tunic of some sort. I found a darker green shirt in the men’s department at Goodwill with no printing on (that was not an easy feat, all the t-shirts were printed with logos). I cut the sleeves off at the shoulder seems, then cut the neck out, and made it a V shaped neck.

It kept falling off his shoulders, so I cut holes around the neck line, bought brown ribbon, and created a lace-up neck line.

We also used the brown ribbon for the ‘belt’ to cinch the tunic in, so it wouldn’t be as long, and would hang loose around it.

For pants, I found pale, pale green thermal PJ bottoms – also at Goodwill. I think Link actually wore brown leggings, but I couldn’t find any brown ones, so we went with green.

For the hat, I used a brown stocking cap, and instead of wearing it with a folded edge, he wore it unfolded, so it hung kind of loose. We also used brown stretch gloves for his hands.

A quick trip to the Halloween USA shop, and we got a shield. We found a foam sword at the dollar store, and he wore his brown tennis shoes with the costume.

It went over great – and it cost very little out of pocket. The shirts & pants we bought at Goodwill for a total of $5. The shield was slightly more, $8, plus $1 for the sword, $3 for the hat & gloves at Wal-Mart, and $1.50 for the ribbon.

Total spent: $18.50

He did have people asking if he was Peter Pan quite a bit, but he was a big hit with video gamers.