This costume was from  my daughter, Lilahs, first Halloween.  She was around nine months old. She couldn’t even walk yet, and could barely stand unassisted. I knew I wanted to make her costume something good. Nothing hokey or cheesy for her first Halloween. Billy Idol (an idea by my sister in law) was THE PERFECT COSTUME.

She already had the hair working for her, it was a matter of coming up with the rest of the costume.  I took a baby biker jacket costume I found on Ebay and  and ripped off the sleeves.  She already had the pants (regular baby leggins) and the boots (Payless).  I cut up some socks she already had from Babies R Us (that say rock) as the gloves.  It turned out so much better than what I had imagined in my head.  It’s by far the best costume ever. As you can see from the pics.  It was a big hit.