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Coolest Homemade Tim Horton's Coffee and Box Of Timbits Costumes 14

by Ann Marie S.
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade Tim Horton's Coffee and Box Of Timbits Costumes

Homemade Tim Horton's Coffee and Box Of Timbits Costumes

We started looking at ideas for cool costumes from your website. Since we live in Canada it was easy to want to do up our favorite Coffee place Tim Horton’s. We have one on every corner here and most people can’t start their day without having a “Timmy’s”.

We designed the coffee cup from a black plastic garbage can (cost $10.). We spray painted it with brown paint ($8.00) and added four colour copy large logos (2.00). With a gold paint pen we added the words 'Please Do Not Litter' in French and English on the pail, just like the original cup.

We cut holes out of the bottom and two on the sides for arm holes. We used pipe tubing insulation to make the edges of the arm holes softer. We stapled 1 inch wide black elastic bands on the inside front and back of the pail and used them to make suspenders. We also attached a black elastic band to the lid to make a chin strap. To be authentic we also added the letters DD on the lid to imitate the Double Double coffee. A piece of beige T-shirt material with a small hole in the top became a poncho and tucked in over the pail to look like coffee. And voila! Timmy’s Coffee!

For the Tim Horton’s Timbits (donut holes) box we picked up a large hardware store box (free). We measured it to be three times the size of a normal box. We cut it and then used colour photocopies of the original box to totally decal it. We used 1 inch black elastic bands to make suspenders and stapled them to the front and back of the box.

For Timbits we used Christmas ornaments from the Dollar store (1.00 each) and painted them to look like chocolate donuts (brown spray paint), jelly- filled (glossy fabric paint on the ends), coconut topped (little beads), nut covered (little beige rocks) and honey-glazed (beige paint with hot glue edges).

We also used beige T-shirt material to make a poncho to go over the whole box. We hot-glued the Timbits to the box and to the poncho and tied a piece of material to my daughter’s head also.
Everyone wanted to eat the giant Timbits and loved the creativity of actually making a costume!

Because our girls are little (12 and 8) we didn't get a chance to enter them into any Halloween Contests (besides this one). Everyone we saw, even the employees of our local Tim Hortons, thought that they would have won because their Homemade Tim Horton's Coffee and Box Of Timbits Costumes turned out so well. Thanks for the ideas!

Tim hortons Coffee and Box of Timbits Costumes

Tim hortons Coffee and Box of Timbits Costumes

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Tim Hortons
by: Anonymous

What awesome costumes, they look great! whoever created those costumes sure are talented. I hope they win!

by: Carol

you did a great job AM! What will you think of next?

the imagination and work WOW
by: Winston

The mom who made these sure has talent, and must have had help from the girls as well. Hope she wins with that kind of imagination, all the details, know her job next year is already in progress in her mind, this kind of knowlege does not come overnight. good luck

by: Anonymous

It is really amazing to see how a little creativity can turn a garbage pail into a coffee cup and some balls into donut holes. Good luck! I think these are contest winning entries!

by: Anonymous

Nice tribute to the Canadians! Wu-hoo!
Great costumes ;-)

by: wendy

Wow, really impressed!

by: Anonymous

good costumes guy's!!!!!!!!! :)

by: Katie

My mom lives in Canada and we go to "Timmy's" often. LOVE IT. It's dead on. Congrats on such a fun and original costume!!

by: Anonymous

That is AMAZING! awesome job on the cosumes, I wish I had that kind of creativity for my 2 kids!

Great coffee costume ideas!
by: Treasures By Brenda

Hi, I love this costume idea and I have shared it as an idea on a new page about coffee costumes at . Please let me know if that is okay with you. If it is not, I will remove it right away and choose another. - Brenda

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