This year I attended a “Halloween Monster Mash” party, so I needed to think of a clever costume on a budget. I’m from Michigan, and everybody across the U.S knows it’s been tough times here lately. With job lay offs, and lack of hiring across the state. Even though we have the highest unemployment in the country I still love my state and have so much pride in being a Michigander (so does everybody else I know).

I decided for my costume I’d be the state of Michigan. I cut out the Lower and Upper Peninsula and on front of the LP (Lower Peninsula). I put pictures of all things MI. From sports teams, to parks, to the Great Lakes and Michigan food products. I covered all areas.

The back side of me was just a map of Michigan, with our state slogan “Great Lakes, Great Times”.

For above my head I had a U.P. cutout (Upper Peninsula)…of the map and the words “Pure Michigan”.

Here’s one of many “Pure Michigan” commercials you should watch that inspired me to do this:

…these commercials have been broadcasting across the nation for close to 5 years inspiring people to travel to MI).

Overall this Pure Michigan Unique Halloween Costume cost me $1.65. 20 cents for the white poster board, .60 cents x 2 for 2 blue poster boards. and .25 cents for the “Michigan Travel” magazine I got at a thrift store. The Michigan map, and other supplies such as the glue, black sharpie and construction paper I already had.

My friends were other MI based things. Kid Rock, Eminem, and Tim Allen. My sister was my sidekick for the night being Tim Allen is the narrator in the “Pure Michigan” commercials and well known for his role as Tim Taylor in “Home Improvement”.

I had a blast making this costume, reminding me why I love Michigan. Who says you need to spend a lot for Halloween? I spent under $2 on a costume I got many complements on. Who wouldn’t love a state shaped as a mitten anyways?