We wanted a family costume, so a Homemade Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea Group Halloween Costume was it!

Popeye (from head to toe):

The sailor hat was a genuine one from the Army Surplus Store in Chino, CA. -$7
The corn cob pipe was made from an actual corn cob. After I picked the corn kernels, one by one, I cut it with a knife to get the middle part, and make it the size I wanted. Then I used a disposable chopstick from a random Chinese store, cut it into 3 pieces, and laid them on top of each other to get a bigger girth. Then I wrapped the three, thread by thread with some twine I had to make the part that supposed to go in the mouth and hot glue gunned everything together. – $0
The Shirt: My husband then wore a large red golf polo and a regular black polo for the shirt over the red polo. The buttons were made from the plastic water bottle tops that I wrapped in a yellow material ($2 yellow Tshirt). Then I hand stitched the buttons on loosely because he still wears the polo.
The pants: We bought from the Swapmeet’s old uniform store. $5
The belt: Left over yellow material from the buttons. The Belt Buckle was one of those interchangeable ones.
The Shoes: All black Jordan’s
The spinach: Old Baby Formula Can, wrapped up with red tissue paper. Then I took white printing paper and folded it in 4 and wrote Spinach on it. Then stuffed it with green tissue paper.
Total Cost: $14

Olive Oyl from head to toe:

The shirt was a long sleeve red thermal from the Swapmeet, $4. The ruffles on the neck and cuffs were from old white material lying at home that I sewed and made ruffles from an elastic band.
The skirt: Actually an old black dress from express that I had. I didn’t want to ruin it, so I loosely hand stitched a yellow ribbon ($1) on the hem line and wore the red thermal over it.
The leggings: I wear these for work, but I got them at Target a long time ago
The Boots: My old Charles David Boots that I wear all the time during the winter.
Total Cost: $5

Sweet Pea from head to toe:

The Hat was a Thrift Store purchase, then I sewed a black lining. $1
The Shirt: Long sleeve men’s t-shirt in size small and sewed the collar and cuffs similar to Olive Oyls. $2
The Leggings: From her clothes collection.
Total Cost: $3

Total cost for all 3 of our outfits $22. Total cost for the memories to share with our little girl… priceless.