I made this homemade parrot in a cage Halloween costume idea for my 9-year-old daughter. She loves pet birds and wanted to be one for Halloween this year.

I started out by sewing the parrot costume using fluffy red fabric for body, wings and head. I used white, black, yellow and blue craft foam for beak and eyes and real red, blue and yellow feathers on tips of wings and tail and one single red feather glued on the top of the head. I used a basic sewing pattern and altered it to get the shape that I wanted for the body, wings and head. I looked at photos of real parrots to get ideas for cutting out the craft foam for the beak and eye of the bird.

The tail is made from strips of craft foam with feathers hot glued on and then glued onto the back of the costume. For the wings I used real feathers glued on in rows to look like a real parrot wing. For the legs of the bird, my daughter wore black tights and for the feet she wore black flip flops covered with black craft foam shaped bird feet which was hot glued onto the flip flops with yellow toes made of craft foam.

For the cage I used a hula-hoop for the base circle and drilled holes into to it so that I could insert the vertical bars, which are made with plastic plumbing tubing. I used a wooded block with holes drilled into it for the top and inserted the tops of the plumbing tubing to give it a curved shape. I used a hot glue gun to secure all the plumbing tubing into the drilled holes. Then I used a left over piece of plumbing tubing for the ring at the top and just glued into place. Then I used a 1” wide piece of composite trim moulding for the two horizontal bars and glued into place, this material is very flexible and because it’s not real wood it doesn’t break when bent into a circular shape.

Then I cut a piece of cardboard for the base of the cage and glued into place and then I cut a circle into it so that it could be placed over my daughter’s head. Then I spray painted the whole thing white. Then I used pieces of white vinyl fabric covered with the red fluffy fabric to make shoulder straps for the cage so that my daughter could wear it over top of her costume. The whole cage needed to be made with lightweight materials so that my daughter could easily wear it over her costume without it feeling too heavy.

It worked out perfectly, she loved it and looked adorable, she definitely was the coolest homemade parrot in a cage costume.