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Cool Parrot Costume

My girlfriends and I love to theme our costumes together every year. This year we thought of doing Jungle Animals. Right away I thought of a Parrot. Well, turns out, they all backed out on me. I still ran with the Homemade Parrot Costume idea.

I got a red petticoat and sewed 4 layers of red feather trim to the skirt. I got a red corset and glued feathers to the top of it. I found this thick foam paper and cut it into the shape of the winks and tail of a parrot. Then I glued red, blue and yellow feathers to that with fabric glue.

I got red fishnet stockings and added red feathers sporadically around my legs. I bought a red wig and made a headband with feathers sticking out on top. Of course I had to do my makeup to look like a bird!

Now the best part of all. For picture taking, I thought of one of those dome shaped monkey bar things from the playgrounds to act as my “bird cage”. Then I had someone make me a swing to perch myself on inside the cage!

I had so much fun with this Homemade Parrot Costume!

Homemade Parrot Costume

Homemade Parrot Costume

Homemade Parrot Costume

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