This Homemade Na’vi Avatar Unique Halloween Costume Idea is what I made for Halloween this year. I ordered blue latex paint online and yellow UV contacts. I purchased normal light blue and black paint from the local craft store to paint stripes over top of the liquid latex. Over the stripes I then applied glow in the dark paint and glitter as well.

My hair was braided by a friend and included feathers and beads. I then sprayed it with black hairspray. My headpiece was made of a cornhusk rope which I attached pieces of leather to. I then glued beads and a shark tooth in the middle.

For my top I cut brown fabric off of a fur hat that was supposed to wrap around the ears but after being cut of ended up looking like a bikini top. I added shells for the back tie of the top on top of black rope that helped keep the shells from breaking off. I also added yellow and red polka dotted feathers along the neckline and glued 2 shark teeth on the top of each cup.

For my skirt I bought tan suede fabric and added pieces of brown fabric I cut off of a shirt to become the sides of the skirt which one I was able to tie it closed. I added thin strips of the fabric and tied feathers and beads along the tips.

My calf coverings were purchased from the Maryland Renaissance festival. I also bought a leather wine holder which I could place over my shoulder. I kept an energy drink in it all night so I could run all around.

My ears were made out of cardboard and I used the same color paint as my stripes along with some pink. My tail was a feather boa.

My bow and arrow was a meter stick that I soaked in hot water in order for it to bend. I again used the cornhusk-like rope to tie both ends together and bend it into place. I then painted it tan and I added fur from the hat in the middle and surrounded it with glued on rocks. My arrows were made out of S’more sticks which I painted dark brown and glued triangle purple cardboard pieces to the ends of the bow. Then I glued multi covered feathers onto the ends

My bag was bought at the local goodwill and was turned inside out because it was a peanut bag. I added black rope and glued rocks along the top. This is what I carried my phone, keys and camera in