For Halloween, I decided I wanted to be my favorite all time Disney Princess, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

I didn’t want one of the store-bought, not-as-cool looking costumes, so my mom and I came up with this creation for our Little Mermaid Costume.

For the “tail”, we made a skirt using green fish scale fabric my mom had bought from JoAnne’s (I also have a pair of pajama pants made out of this. It makes me feel very mermaid-y while I sleep). The bottom of the skirt is made using heavy green tulle to get the “flare” effect. The top of the skirt has a trim of Little Mermaid danglies because I couldn’t resist buying them.

For the top, I found a purple bra.

As far as the famous red hair, I actually dyed my hair. COMMITMENT- A LOT. I got the “semi-permanent” hair dye from Hot Topic and went to town. Needless to say, my usually blonde hair was stained pink for quite some time afterwards. I think it was worth it though, and I would love to be permanently that color.

I’m really hoping to find somewhere else to wear this, at least the awesome skirt my mom made. Maybe this year, I’ll be ZOMBIE ARIEL!

My mom also made my roommate a really cool Jasmine costume. My other roommate went as Belle, so we were three pretty Princesses.

Hope you like.