My husband and I found out that we were going to be in the Halloween parade, and we wanted to have costumes that related to each other, so we decided to be two crewmembers from Planet Express (from the show Futurama.)

In order to make his mask I had to paper machéd the basic skeleton and then added details such as the eyes and the tentacles over the mouth. I made his fairly lightweight, as he was going to be wearing it all night.

My cyclops eye was a little trickier. I made the eyeball out of clay and then paper machéd the eyelids. This was fairly heavy, so I couldn’t look down. Apparently they don’t make ling purple wigs, so I bought a blonde one and dyed it purple, with so-so results.

In the end, our Homemade Leela and Zoidburg from Futurama Couple Halloween Costume was by far the most popular costume in our section of the parade. Lots of people asked us to stop for photos, which was tricky with our limited vision (and not wanting to trip over each other.