Coolest Leela from Futurama Costume

This Leela from Futurama Costume was surprisingly easy to make once we figured out how to construct the eye. Leela is a cyclops. So we took some safety glasses and popped the plastic lenses out of them so we would just have the frames. Then we took some white needle point board, the kind with a lot of little holes in it. That way I could see through it when it was close to my face but others couldn’t see my eyes.

We then cut it in the shape of an eye and glued it to the frames of the glasses. Then we attached a pupil just made out of paper and painted black with a sharpie. Finally tire rods where glued on for eye lashes.

The rest of the costume was easy, purple hair dye in a pony tail. White tank top, black pants and black boots. We even added shinny electrical tape on the boots to look like buckles. And the wrist communicator is actually a soccer shin guard I found at the dollar store. I painted it silver and painted buttons on it.

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