Coolest DIY Futurama Couple Halloween Costumes

These incredibly quick DIY Futurama couple Halloween costumes were a life saver at this year’s Halloween Party.

Leela costume –

Hair: Purple wig from costume store: $13

Clothes: White tank-top (already had), Black Cargo pants (already had), Black Boots (already had)

Armband: Thick white foam board spray painted silver with foam cut-out buttons, also spray painted. We cut slits for a shoe lace to tie it to my arm – to make it removable.

Eye: The most complicated idea to come up with. We used white plastic canvas and cut out/shaped it to my face. Bit by bit we cut and folded it and using a soldering iron melted it into a 3D shape. The eyelashes were a feather piece that we cut the tops of the feathers off and used the stems to glue on to the top of the eye piece.

To smooth out the edges against my face, we used the left over white foam for a forehead and nose guard. It is attached to my face using white elastic (underneath the wig) that was painted beige with concealer makeup. Total cost for the eye: $5 + paint supplies.

Fry costume –

Hair: Lots of hair gel and orange semi-permanent dye from Hot Topic. This was tough as my husband’s natural hair color is black. We needed to bleach his hair before the dye actually showed up. Cost: $10.

Clothes: Red Jacket – purchased from Sears, it’s a SouthPole brand. Cost: on sale $26, Blue Jeans (already owned) and Black Vans shoes (already owned).

Total cost for both DIY Futurama couple Halloween costumes: $54

DIY Futurama Couple Halloween Costumes

DIY Futurama Couple Halloween Costumes