Coolest Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama Costume

This Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama Costume is very easy and very impressive to others. We got the lab coat and scrubs from a store, but the face and claws had to be constructed from scratch.

We took a red binny hat and stretched it over his face. Marked where the eye, nose and mouth holes should go and cut the holes out after removing it from his head of course. Then we took some white felt, cut some big white circles out so they looked like donuts and glued them over the eye holes on the binny. We found a red glove at a Halloween store with extra long scary fingers. We cut most of the hand and arm part off and glued it just under the nose hole, so just the finger part hung down to look like tentacles.

Zoidburg claws were actually Christmas stockings cut up. We folded the white top part over and cut the shape of a claw out of the bottom part and then hot glued it back together in the claw shape.