I didn’t know what to be for Halloween and I was watching Kingpin and I was cracking up during the bowling scene and it hit me. Big Ern is one of the best, most underrated movie characters ever. So a few friends and I went as the cast from Kingpin. Munson and Ismael were with me as well to make for an amazing night.

The Kingpin halloween costume was pretty simple and inexpensive. I bought the pants and a black button down from a thrift store and painted the flames on with white fabric paint. I then got a girdle from a warehouse and I spray painted it black. I just put tape on the edges before so I had the white trim still. Then I stuffed my stomach to get a little heftier.

I bought a bald wig and tried to get it so it was messy like the end of the movie. I had the belt and shoes, and I bought a clear gerbil wheel for the bowling ball and put a fake rose in it. The scarf was just a piece of shiny fabric I got from a fabric store. And I also just cut the fingers out of the glove to make a bowling glove.

The costume stole the show everywhere we went. People couldn’t stop dying laughing from it. I was constantly asked to take pics and given tons of compliments. We definitely had the most unique and hilarious costumes out that night. We had a blast and it was great quoting Big Ern all night long. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.