So I know Hulk Hogan isn’t terrible original for a costume idea, however I thought my take on it would be a little better. I was a fan of the WWF from 1987-1991 and that is the era of Hulk Hogan I wanted to capture. This was before he was Hollywood Hulk so there are no boas or dark beard hair. This is how I created the late 90’s homemade Hulk Hogan Halloween costume:

I got lucky and found the boots for $60 (normal wrestling boots go for $330 for starters), the knee pads worn were actually the style and brand Hulk had used before $20, the Wrestling briefs (yellow) $25, I bought 6 yellow T-shirts at Target for $5 a piece, 2 of the shirts were actually women’s size XL and the rest were men’s M (the shirt has to be tight fitting, I had a friend make up the 2 Hulkamania screeners which I ironed on and 2 Hulk rules (screening paper $10)- the rest of the shirt was used during the making of process. I cut off the sleeves and neck line to look more like a tank top then a t-shirt and made 5 or 6 slits on the back of each shirt as well.

I used eBay to get a Hulk Rules bandanna because I figured that would be hard to just make and have it look good plus it also had the WWF logo on it which what I wanted ($20). I used wrist wrap ($3) and bought a kid’s belt from Toys R Us for $13.

Now for the stuff that really makes the homemade Hulk Hogan Halloween costume, I shaved my head for last year’s Halloween (see Silver Surfer on this Site) and I didn’t want to use a wig so I grew my hair out for a year (free), yes just for Halloween. Then 3 days before the party I shaved and razor bladed the top of my hair (free), I then went and got the rest of my hair bleached and straightend and because I didn’t have that much, it was pretty cheap ($20), then I went and got spray tanned, not once but 3 times, as you can see it was worth it, I used the darkest stuff she had to get the look just right.

I almost forgot, a very artistic friend of mine bought a bleach blonde wig at a thrift store for a quarter and liquid latex ($5) and practiced making the mustache; it was indeed the topper on the cake. I did work out a bit more so I was a string bean Hogan or a fatty.

Hope you enjoy, all of the other wrestlers (we had a theme) were all homemade as well, check out Rowdy Roddy Piper and Captain Lou, in fact they are all good, with my shaved head, tan and mustache, I had the shock value that won the Costume contest that year.