This is the costume we made for our daughter, it’s a homemade hot cocoa Halloween costume, it took about a week to put together. We used materials such as a hula hoop, wire ,foam, felt, foam board, glitter, glue, stuffing and bamboo sticks.

It started by using the hula hoop and tied strains of wire and created a kinda basket weave to build the shape of the cup, then wrapped it in foam and covered it in blue felt using bamboo sticks to use as supports to put straps so it could connect to her shoulders then used foam board to create the top of it… covered that with stuffing and chocolate color felt made the peppermint stick with card board, foam board and a bamboo stick to support it. We wrapped it in red and white felt then added the marshmallows that we made out of white felt and stuffing on the bottom.

We added the plate which we made out of layers of foam board and then covered with a layer of the blue felt. We finished up with a homemade hot cocoa decal in the front of the cup with a few glitter decorations all around the cup and wrapped her upper body in white felt with a few chocolate sprinkles. We then followed up with a white whip cream hat with chocolate sprinkles.

We put a lot of work and care into our costumes, hope everyone likes it.