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Coolest Homemade Hot Cocoa for Santa Halloween Costume Idea

My granddaughter was competing in a Christmas Pageant and needed a Christmas costume. I had a homemade Hot Cocoa for Santa Halloween costume idea. It was a hit and she won Grand Supreme!! I took a big plastic planter cut the bottom off, painted it and decorated it. Molded the handle out of that light weight fast drying material and then glued and screwed it into the side of the cup. Attached brown shiny material to cover her shoulders for the hot cocoa and glued some white pompoms glitzed up with stones for marshmallows.

I then took a stretch white hat and glued batting all over it and attached a thick white satin ribbon to tie under her chin. I then cut a big saucer with a hole in it. Covered it with Christmas material and batting underneath it to give texture. Put a nice gold shiny trim around it and glued to the bottom of the cup. I also attached suspenders to the inside of the cup; this will hold the cup up on her shoulders.

I took a small piece of foam and covered with chocolate chip material and then added some different size brown pompoms to look as chocolate chips. Cut out a huge spoon and spray painted gold and glued on. I made a wish list out of scrap book lined paper and glued on. Added white tights and white slippers with white pompoms and glitz on them and you have a perfect Hot Cocoa for Santa Costume!!

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