I wanted to design a costume that was loosely based on the aliens from the James Cameron Alien movie but more of a humanoid form and leaning towards sexy rather than scary.

I couldn’t do some of the things I wanted to do on my Female Alien Invader Costume using Lycra or other materials, so I opted to use latex rubber for it’s flexibility. It’s not the most breathable material but I went with .35 thickness so as long as it’s not too hot and I don’t try to run while wearing the costume, I should be able to stay fairly cool and keep it on for a while.

I designed the costume in photoshop then consulted some companies online to make it. A couple companies attempted to make it but the results were usually far from what my drawings looked like, the head being the biggest issue.

Finally, I took matters into my own hands and armed with new knowledge I had gained from the internet regarding the construction of latex clothing, I used the best of the attempts to splice together a costume that looked very close to what I wanted.

The feminine shape of the costume (hopefully) makes it a little more alluring, and also adds to the mystery of who’s wearing it.