As a huge Mel Brooks fan, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite movies: Spaceballs. It was time consuming, but pulled it off. I went to Menards to get a giant planter when I found the laundry bin. I then needed to get the safety mask and some black spray paint. I cut the edges of the bin with a hot knife. I then used a heavy duty snipers to cut the middle section for the mask. I then mounted the mask to pieces of wood in order for the mask portion to be able to lifted up inside the helmet. I then spray painted it black. That was day one.

Day 2. I found some fabric to make the cape. I also purchased some foam for the mask and a drain guard. I had to purchase an Exacto knife to make the lines of the mask. I went to the Dollar store and found the drain plug that worked perfect for the balls on the tie. The tie is made out of a folder. I needed to upgrade the cape, so I used a shower curtain liner and sewed the fabric around it. Works pretty cool and gives the cape some texture and noise effects. I found a black shirt and tights. I made the shorts out of old leather pants I found at a used clothing store. The belt was also from the second hand store. The tubing around the shorts is made from calking tube for windows. I used hot glue to secure them to shorts. I used fishing line to sew the balls to the chest plate. I used lanyards to secure the tie around my neck. I also found boots at the second hand store that were perfect. OH, the glasses where old sun glass that were bright yellow and I took the glass out and spray painted them black. Gotta look like Rick Moranis.

We all kept saying quotes from the movie which made the night super fun.  “What have I done…my brains are going into my feet.” and “I always drink coffee when I watch radar!”

I really enjoy making costumes. I hope this story will help inspire the next great costume designer.