This handmade Reindeer Fursuit costume is made from faux fake fur fabric (about 3.5 yards white and 3.5 yards tan brown), thread, upholstery foam, plasti dip, slippers, paints, prisma color markers, elastic, bacalava, fleece, clay, stuffing, wire, hot glue sticks, a zipper and fake leather fabric.

The head was made from upholstery foam and hot glued together. Afterwards, it was covered in masking tape, drawn on and cut out to make the pattern for the head. Body was made from a standard body pattern and foam was cut out and glued like round tubes for the white lower legs. Bottom hooves were carved out of foam and the pattern was made from addding masking tape and removing it, copying the pattern from the tape and then added.

I love how many people thought it was cute, especially with a very girly voice I use to portray the character. I developed her character with lots of practice, social interaction and patience.