We decided to go to our friends Halloween party like a week before because we could not think of any costumes.  My husband said he wanted to be The Most Interesting Man in the world so I stared to look on line for some beards and all of the ones from the stores seemed so unnatural.  But since it was only like a week away I was not sure if I would order online and pay a fortune.  Then, I started to look at theater makeup and found the perfect beard and mustache and it was reasonably priced and we got it in time!

I searched online how to make his hair grey (I think we used the gel and power technique).  We went up to Goodwill and found a real nice fitting suit jack for like $10.  We went to Marshall’s and bought a shirt and tie and cuff link set… and of course a 6 pack of Dos Equis and a cigar!

I think we may have trimmed the beard a little but it was fun!  Good thing I am a good wife because I put the glue in my purse on the way out that night and as soon soon as we got to the party, he had a piece of pizza and the grease made his beard and mustache started to fall off!

I went as Peg Bundy and we had a great time!