My husband and I created the Geico caveman using a prosthetic and applied it using spirit gum and liquid latex.  That web site also has videos on how to apply the foam latex masks.  It was hard finding flesh toned makeup color wheel for the mask once it was on, so I used foundation (water based) with a brush and a natural eye shadow pallet.  The color wasn’t exact so I also put make up on his neck too.

I used crape hair and spirit gummed the eye brows on and also used it for his mustache.  The beard was bought at a party store and I messed it up a little bit so it wasn’t so straight and perfect.  The wig was a captain Jack Sparrow wig and I cut it shorter and also messed it up.  I bought a sports jacket at Value Village for $8 and he had all the rest.  He was unrecognizable and so funny!  He had so much fun acting the part.  It was so easy, a caveman can do it!