This doll in the box costume my daughter and I made last year for her. We used an old baby type costume(baby dress and bonnet)to start with. She wore this outfit and we added rosy cheeks and a piece of string for people to pull and then she would say “mama”.

We took an old box I had gotten with stuffing in it. We cut out the bottom of box and cut all but one of the flaps on the top of the box. This flap served as the lid to toy box. I took two small pieces of cardboard and cut them to look like the hinges for the box lid, this also help keep the lid up right or open. I glued them to the box lid and box itself.

We took white paint and painted entire box. It took about two coat because of the writing on box. We then took some old craft alphabet letters and glued them here and there all around the box. We took some more paint and put “Jessy’s toy box” on the front. She put the box over her and we figured how high/low she wanted it and then I took some yarn and made straps to go from the front of box over shoulders to back of box. I just stapled the yarn to the front and back of box.

I took some old toys (couple of stuffed animals, plastic snake etc) and glue,stapled however I could to the top of the box and hanging over the side to look like toys coming out of a toy box. Put it all together and you have a baby doll in a toy box.